My First Monsters

This blog is more about the scrap monsters I started with than a pattern.  They are fun projects if you want to check them out and the links are below.

Scrap monsters are the monsters I started with.  At my work we end up with a lot of little 18052549_10208889449972780_140136551_nbits of yarn.  Scraps at the ends of student and employee projects, the bits yarn skeins are tied together with, the student yarn that has been used so often that sometimes it splits if you look at it to hard.

When I first started I started collecting a lot of the littler scraps into cups by the register with the goal of getting a clock with a hollow plastic border and using them to fill it.  As I am exceedingly slow about buying anything and didn’t know many scraps I would need suffice it to say I accumulated a lot of these scraps.

After I had about three of these cups stashed in the back I came across a scrap yarn challenge on the front page of Revelry.  It was a pattern called Inner Beast.

So I got all my cups together and created Oscar.

I’d made a few stuffy toys before but he came out much better then most had in the past. So I decided to use him and the pattern for the Kid’s Club I was teaching at he time, so he stayed living in the store.

17974391_10208884834817404_2144549919_nThe issue was that the kids who wanted to make him were all knitters.  So I started looking around for a pattern that I could tweak and do double stranded
like I had the Inner Beast.  I chose Gotta Love Me Monster because it was a nice looking monster
with an body that would be easy for kids learning to knit in the round.

There was the small issue that the ball I generated for this one had A LOT of bulky weight  (or worse) yarn in it, so it turned out to be horrible to knit.

While it was a lot harder to knit with the scrappy yarn then it was to crochet, the pattern was still a lot of fun and I was very pleased with how expressive her arms came out.  Just if anyone decides to try that pattern for a scrappy monster I recommend making sure that you have lighter weight yarns in your ball.

Both patterns are well worth a look and are free on Ravelry.



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