Teto the Scrappy Baby

Happy Mother’s day!

This little guy came from a promotion at work.  At the beginning of the week I mentioned we might want to send out a coupon for Mother’s Day.  It ended up growing into something much bigger then that.  Now we’re doing a yarn tasting tea.  But, as I have said, we often use the stuffies in the shop for advertisement.

So Copter and Oscar had a scrap yarn baby.

We did a little photo shoot with them holding the skien of yarn I was going to use by one of the doll beds (we have doll beds, we used to sell amish toys too and some of them are hanging around still) and put out a little bowl for people to make name suggestions (over half of which were Teto, because I told a friend I didn’t care how many times she put a names in and she really wanted that one.)


Good news is for this one I’m writing the pattern myself, so ya’ll will get it here. Bad news is that I had about 4 days to write and make the critter, so as of right now I haven’t had someone beta it.  Working on that though.

Like the other two scrap monsters this one was made from yarn that was laying around the shop or my house.  I’m going to take a stab in the dark that the purple and orange I used for the main body and the limbs were Red Heart, just going by the feel of them.  The horns are out of Araucania Alumco that was left over from a demo a coworker did.  I had originally tried to use a Lion Brand Jiffy called Kitty Hawk for them, but it just wouldn’t come out.

For the design itself I wanted to combine elements from both parent monsters.  Which means this is something I typically hate, a combo pattern.  Main body is crochet, as are the horns, limbs are knit.

Body and headThe body was based off the the Inner Beast pattern, but shortened and altered in a few places.  The head is a slight alteration of a basic amigurimi head.  The hair was 100% an accident, just a fluke of where differnt scraps were.  I can’t even describe how pleased I am with how that worked out though. If it is something you are trying to replicate make sure that for the first 8 or so rows of the head you have scraps with a lot of knots and lose ends tied in. If you have long sections you can cut them apart and tie them together.  Truth be told there is a bald patch on top of her head from me not having that the first handful of rounds, but you can’t tell well.

The limbs are pretty versatile. If you want longer or shorter arms it is very simple. Just increase or decrease the number of all knit rows at the end.  You can also kitchner stitch the ends closed and stuff them, but I was going for an empty bell shape.

Arms and LegsThe original thought on the legs was to give it long legs like Coptor’s arms. Next idea was
legs like Oscar’s.  I settled for a modified version of the Gotta Love Me Monster’s ears and feet. I was working in orange the whole time, so until they were attached I felt like they were going to look like duck feet.  The kitchner on one foot is a little wonky because I was doing it while distracted, but the stuffing hid it well.

The horns are honestly the same as Oscar’s, I didn’t change anything on that part, because I wanted them a touch big, add to the baby look of needing to grown into them.

Alright, that’s all I have to say, so if you are scrolling through waiting for me to stop rambling and give you the pattern here it is.  Enjoy.



Scrappy Baby




  • Scrap yarn – made by tying small bits of yarn together into a ball
  • Worst weight, 2 colors, one for the body (MC) and one for the limbs (CC).  If you want you can use the same color for both.
  • Sport or light DK weight for horns (CC2).

Hooks and Needles

  • USJ hook (for body)
  • USE hook (for horns)
  • US5 DPNs for limbs


  • Stich markers
  • Yarn needle
  • Buttons


  • SC – single crochet
  • SC2in1 – single crochet twice in the same stitch
  • Dec – decrease
  • CO – Cast on
  • BO – Bind off
  • K – Knit
  • KFB – Knit front and back

Body (make 1)

Double strand MC and scrap yarn

Chain 2

Row 1: SC 6 in second chain from hook

Row 2: SC2in1 around

Row 3: *SC2in1, SC1* around

Row 4: *SC2in1, SC2* around

Row 5: *SC2in1, SC3* around

Row 6: SC around

Row 7: Chain 6, skip next 6 stitches, SC4, chain 6, skip 6, SC to end of row

Row 8-10: SC around

Row 11: *SC3, dec* around

Row 12: SC around

Row 13: *SC2, dec* around

Row 14: SC around

Row 15: Dec around

SC around

Tie off

Head (make 1)

I said this earlier, but for those who skipped ahead the hair was not part of the pattern.  It was a fluke of the yarn.  If you want to achieve the same outcome all you need to do is make sure the section of scrap yarn you are using for the first few rows on the head has a lot of knots with LONG tails.  Mine had a lot of bulky weight there, which made it hard to crochet, but gave Teto fuller hair.

Keep using the MC and scrap yarn double stranded.

Chain 2

Row 1: 6 sc in 2nd chain from hook

Row 2: *SC2in1* around

Row 3: *SC2in1, SC1* around

Row 4: *SC2in1, SC2* around

Row 5: SC2in1, SC3* around

Row 6-10: SC around

Row 11: *SC3, dec* around

Row 12: SC around

Row 13: *SC2, dec* around

Row 14: *SC1, dec* aorund

Row 15: Dec around

Tie off

After the head is done stuff and attach to the body. You can chose to wait until you have the legs on the torso, but I like to do it here because it helps me get a better idea of the whole and see if I want to make any changes to the limbs.

Arms (make 2)

Using CC CO 6 and join

Row 1: K around

Row 2: *KFB, K1* 3 times

Row 3: K around

Row 4: *KFB, K2* 3 times

Row 5: K around

Row 6: *KFB, K3* 3 times

Row 7: K around

Row 8: *KFB, K4* 3 times

Row 9-21: K around


Feet (make 2)

Using CC CO 20 and join

Row 1-4: K around

Row 5: *KFB, K9* twice

Row 6: K around

Row 7: *KFB, K10* twice

Row 8: K around

Row 9: *KFB, K11* twice

Row 10-15: K around

Transfer stitches to two needles and kitchen stitch them closed.  Attach the arms at the joint of the head and body.  Attach the legs to the leg openings.

Horns (I hade made 2, but you can add as many as you like)

Using CC2 and smaller hook Chain 2.

Row 1: 6 SC in 2nd stitch from hook

Row 2-5: SC around

Row 6: SC2in1, SC to end

Row 7: *SC2in1, SC2* around

Row 8-11: SC around

Tie off.

Stuff and attach to head.

Sew on eyes and any other decorations you like.

NOTE: This pattern is currently in the process of being bataed.  If you find any corrections please let me know.

finished baby


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