Monster Afghan – Teefs

Teens has acutely been done for several days, I was just lazy in blocking it to post.

On this guy the body is still out of scrappy yarn, but I wanted to play with having more color work to break it up a little, as I wasn’t happy with how hard it was to see much on George.

I’m really happy with the results.  Only issue being that the intarsia is more intense.  To be fair that wouldn’t have been as much an issue if I hadn’t decided to do most of this square on a road trip.

Anyway on to the main event.  All the specks on yarn and sizing are same so I’m just going to copy them over from square 1.


I used worsted for the background color, I’m burning through the Red Heart in my grange (for the fact that I have bought that stuff once in my life I have A LOT of it.)  Same for the detail colors.

For the scrappy yarn I paired it with a fingering so it came out roughly worsted weight.  If your not using scrap yarn go ahead and use another worsted here obviously.

For anyone who doesn’t know how scrappy yarn works it is little bits of various yarns (usually the bits you trim off at the ends of projects and such) tied together and double stranger with a solid yarn.


US 9s were what I went with, but that was to fix my gauge issue with the bulky weight in my scrap yarn. If you are using scrap yarn it is a safe size to stick with. If not, I would take it down to US 8s or 7s to give you a tighter fabric.


As I said I’m just putting the chart here. But to achieve my block I cast on 45 and worked 72 rows. This means I have 10 rows before and after the chart starts and 5 stitches on either side of it. You can add or deduct here to your hearts content. Or put it on whatever you like. Go nuts.


Chart Image Teefs.png

I’m acutely almost done with the next square as well, so that guy will be up pretty soon too.


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