Shipwreck: A Monster For Mal

So a break from afghan squares, mostly because my stash of scrap had become mostly from them.

While trying to work though this scrap and build up more I decided to make a housewarming gift for a person who is sweet, generous, eats my cooking, and knows how to tell the world piss off I need me time.  Since she likes my scrappy monsters, and has tried to make one herself without success, I decided she needed one.

The body is similar to Inner Beast, because honestly I just love that body base, it’s an amazing pattern you should check out.  It is what got me in making scrappy monsters.

There was very veg nautical theme that went into this guy.  The color and the eye were inspired by old school diving suits, like the Cyclops in Spongebob (don’t judge me, my friend loves it.)  Instead of legs he has three tentacles bursting from his body.  One arm was supposed to be a hook… but we don’t need to talk about what happened there.

The eye itself is two buttons that just happened to fit perfectly together.  It came out a bit more Minion-ie then I ever want anything to be ever, but I still am pretty damn happy with it (yeah, that’s right.  I hate Spongebob and Minions, wanna fight?)  For the heart, because all my scrappy monsters have hearts, I didn’t have any good buttons right now.  So I backed a basic one with a felt heart, which is what I use for toys that go to babies (mines button of course)

Okay – on to the pattern!

21729558_1844370762254808_920231276_n Shipwreck


  • Scrap yarn – made by tying small bits of yarn together into a ball
  • Worst weight, 3 colors – one for the body (MC), one for the tenticals (CC1), and one for eye background (CC2)
  • Aran weight – for eye piece

If you are doing the pattern out of normal yarn instead of scrap yarn switch in a bulky or aran weight for the body.

Hooks and Needles

  • USJ hook (for body and eye peice)
  • USE hook (for tentacles)


  • Stich markers
  • Yarn needle
  • Buttons or safety eye


  • SC – single crochet
  • HDC – half double crocet
  • TC – treble crochet
  • SC2in1 – single crochet twice in the same stitch
  • Dec – decrease
  • Sl – slip
  • CO – Cast on
  • BO – Bind off

Body (make 1)

Double strand MC and scrap yarn

Chain 2

Row 1: SC 6 in second chain from hook – 6 sts

Row 2: SC2in1 around – 12 sts

Row 3: *SC2in1, SC1* around – 18 sts

Row 4: *SC2in1, SC2* around – 24 sts

Row 5: *SC2in1, SC3* around – 30 sts

Row 6: *SC3in1, SC4* around – 36 sts

Row 7: SC around

Row 8: Chain 6, skip next 6 stitches, SC6, chain 6, skip 6, SC6, chain 6, skip 6, SC6

Row 9: SC around (including in chain stitch)

Rows 10-13: SC around

Start stuffing body.

Row 14: *SC4, dec* around – 30 sts

Row 15: SC around

Row 16: *SC3, dec* around – 24 sts

Row 17: SC around

Row 18: *SC2, dec* around – 18 sts

Rows 19-22: SC around

Tie off leaving tail

Stuff the body to desired fullness.  I put beans at the bottom to give it some weight, however the tenticals will also give it some balance if you don’t want to do this.

Around each leg hole your going to work one row as follows, picking up your stitches from the edge of the hole, 6 on top, 6 on bottom, and one on each side.

Row 1: Ch 3, SC, *TC, SC* around, sl to join

Head (make 1)

Keep using the MC and scrap yarn double stranded.

Chain 2

Row 1: SC6 in 2nd chain from hook – 6 sts

Row 2: *SC2in1* around – 12 sts

Row 3: *SC2in1, SC1* around – 18 sts

Row 4: *SC2in1, SC2* around – 24 sts

Row 5: SC around

Row 6: *SC2in1, SC3* around – 30 sts

Row 7: SC5, switch to CC2, SC5, switch to MC, SC remaining stiches

Row 8: SC4, switch to CC2, SC7, switch to MC, SC reaming stitches

Rows 9-11: SC3, switch to CC2, SC9, switch to MC, SC remaining stitches

Row 12: SC4, switch to CC2, SC7, switch to MC, SC reaming stitches

Row 13: SC5, switch to CC2, SC5, switch to MC, SC remaining stiches

If you are using a safety eye place in now in the center of the color worked section you just worked.

Row 14: *SC3, dec* around – 24 sts

Row 15: SC around

Row 16: *SC2, dec* around – 18 sts

Start stuffing head.

Row 17: *SC, dec* around – 12 sts

Row 18: dec around

Tie off

After the head is done add more stuffing and attach to the body. You can chose to wait until you have the legs on the torso, but I like to do it here because it helps me get a better idea of the whole and see if I want to make any changes.  You can also attach the eye here if you are using a button eye.  You may also chose to wait until after the eye border is attached as it gives you a better feel of how the head will look as a whole.

Eyes Border (make 1)

Use your bulky or aran weight yarn.

Chain until your chain is long enough to go around the colorwork section of the head.  Sl to join.

Row 1: HDC around, sl to join.

Tie off.

Sew eye border to head around colorworked eye base.  You can use this cover up the rougher edges of the colorwork.  If you haven’t sewn on eye you can do it now.

Tentacle (make 3)

Use CC1

Row 1: Chain 18, sl to join – 18 sts

Rows 2-7: SC around

Row 8: SC3, dec, SC8, dec, SC3 – 16 sts

Rows 9-10: SC around

Row 11: dec, SC6, dec, SC6 – 14 sts

Row 12: SC around

Row 13: SC2, SC2in1, SC, SC2in1, SC2, dec, SC, dec, SC2

Row 14: SC2, dec, SC5, dec, SC3 – 12 sts

Row 15: SC around

Row 16: SC, SC2in1, SC, SC2in1, SC3, dec, SE, dec

Row 17: dec, SC4, dec, SC4 – 10 sts

Row 18: dec, SC, dec, SC, SC2in1, SC, SC2in1, SC

Row 19: SC2, dec, SC3, dec, SC – 8 sts

Row 20: dec, SC, dec, Sc2in1, SC, SC2in1

Row 21: dec, SC2, dec, SC2 -6 sts

Tie off.  Weave tail through 6 sts at end and pull tight.




Stuff then sew tenticals INSIDE ridge at leg wholes.  This gives the look of them having burst from the body.  (See picture)


Arm (make 2)

Use MC and scrap yarn double stranded

Chain 2

Row 1: SC8 in 2nd chain from hook – 8 sts

Rows 2-12: SC around

Tie off and sew onto either side of body in desired position.

NOTE: This pattern has not been betaed.  If you find any corrections please let me know.




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