18009590_10208889440292538_654054754_nIDK monsters were born mostly out of my annoyance.

At the yarn shop where I work there is a tendency for strange, often non inventory, yarn to appear, as well as an ungodly amount of scraps.  The scraps mostly collected in a cup by the register as I was planning to use them or a clock.  Then when looking for a pattern for the kid’s club on Revelry I found a pattern using scrap yarn double stranded with a solid to make monster.

I’d made a handful of stuffed toys before, mostly knit, but Oscar came out much better then most.

He went to live in the shop for the kids learning crochet as a goal project and I kept tying the yarn scraps into balls.  The only issue was that I began to get only kids who wanted to knit, not crochet (it really moves in waves a lot), all of whom wanted to make a scrap monster.  So I fond a knit pattern and applied the same double stranded plan to make her.

18035754_10208889434132384_1985501206_n.pngDuring this process I fund a lot of other monster concepts that I liked as well as discovering that people kept giving me scraps or yarns they didn’t have a use for, telling me they thought they would make good monsters.  So I started sketching out some designs

Some of the patterns will be free here on my blog and on Revelry.   The ones being sponsored through my work (aka I’m using their yarn and resources) will be on sale in the store and through their website for 6 months before I put them up.