Shipwreck: A Monster For Mal

So a break from afghan squares, mostly because my stash of scrap had become mostly from them. While trying to work though this scrap and build up more I decided to make a housewarming gift for a person who is sweet, generous, eats my cooking, and knows how to tell the world piss off I… Continue reading Shipwreck: A Monster For Mal

Boople Snoot and Danger Noodle

I love snakes.  I don’t have a snake because we are a “We only have room for one reptile!” house and Charmander the Bearded Rage Beast currently fills that spot.  Anyway I enjoy photos of snakes, though I seek them out cautiously or I have to spend a few hours cuddling my rats (yes, I could get… Continue reading Boople Snoot and Danger Noodle